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Study Abroad Student Contract

The following is a review of Study Abroad policies, administrative procedures and student responsibilities.  It is imperative that you read this carefully and discuss any questions with the Holy Cross Office of Study Abroad, referred to as HCSA in this document.

1)  In early July, you will receive a Study Abroad Manual, electronically, via Holy Cross email.  You are responsible for knowing the information it contains and for adhering to the policies and procedures it outlines.  Read – and reread – the Study Abroad Manual.  You are also responsible for all other materials distributed by the HCSA.
2)  Attendance at all pre-departure meeting for your program of study is mandatory.  If you do not attend all pre-departure meetings, you may be withdrawn from the program.
3)  It is your responsibility to obtain passports, visas, immunizations, and to pay for all associated fees, including host country immigration/residency fees.
4)  In most cases, you will make your own travel arrangements.  The transportation costs, including ground transportation, are your responsibility; however, you will receive an airfare credit on your Holy Cross bill; the amount depends on the program.
5)  You are responsible for contacting your academic adviser, or other advisers abroad, and/or HCSA if you require assistance.

1)  You may not study abroad if you have an academic deficiency at the time of enrollment, and you must be in good academic and social standing at Holy Cross.  You must also have declared your major prior to departure.
2)  Academic credit is earned only upon successful completion of the entire study abroad program period, which includes taking all final exams at the host institution according to their posted exam schedule. You may not ask your professors to change their exam dates.  If there is an emergency that causes you to miss an exam, contact HCSA.  Do not attempt to reschedule exams without consulting HCSA.  Students who withdraw from a program will not be awarded any credit and will forfeit all tuition and related fees for the entire length of the Maymester, semester, or year-long program.
3)  If, for any reason, you are unable to participate fully in the program, you may be asked to leave the program.  What constitutes “full participation” is at the sole discretion of the on-site academic adviser, or in the case of faculty-led Maymester programs, the faculty leader(s).  Any additional expenses incurred are the sole responsibility of the student.
4)  All courses taken abroad must be taken for a grade.  No pass/no-pass courses will be accepted.
5)  All courses taken abroad must be approved by Holy Cross.  It is your responsibility to submit a detailed course description for each course taken abroad AS SOON AS you have confirmed that you are indeed enrolled in those courses.  Send the detailed course descriptions using the Course Approval Form accessible via the Holy Cross STAR system.  All official course approvals are processed through the Registrar’s Office.  For every course that appears on your transcript from abroad, there must be an approval on file.  Until you have obtained all approvals, your record will remain incomplete and you will be unable to graduate.
6)  Holy Cross grants college credit for liberal arts courses.  Holy Cross does NOT grant college credit for courses in business, management, or marketing/advertising.  Courses taken in journalism, law, media, or engineering may not be accepted if these are “applied” professional practice courses rather than courses in the humanities, social sciences, or natural sciences.
7)  You should consult with your academic adviser(s) and all relevant department chairs before leaving to determine (a) the likelihood that they will approve courses you intend to take abroad and (b) what courses you will need to take upon your return to Holy Cross.
8)  Courses taken abroad may not be duplicates of courses taken at Holy Cross.
9)  You are responsible for authorizing the release of your transcript earned abroad and for having it sent directly to HCSA. If the transcript is sent to you inadvertently, do NOT open the transcript, but forward it (or bring it) directly to HCSA. If you open the transcript, it is no longer official, and you will be responsible for acquiring a new one.
10) All grades earned abroad will be entered on your Holy Cross transcript and unless taught by Holy Cross faculty, will not be included in the calculation of your GPA.
11) For those programs that require an Independent Cultural Immersion Project (ICIP), the project will be graded and recorded on your Holy Cross transcript.  The ICIP may not be used to fulfill credits toward graduation and is not included in the calculation of your GPA; however, if the project is not completed, the grade will be recorded on your transcript as a Fail (F).
12) In addition to satisfying Holy Cross requirements, you are expected to complete the same requirements as resident students at the host institution.  You must enroll in what the host institution deems a FULL COURSE LOAD for a full-time student.
13) You should not make advance travel plans outside of the host city until you know your fill program schedule.  This includes your class schedule, as well as the schedule of cultural events and excursions included in your program.

1)  All Holy Cross students, including those studying abroad, need to complete the Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA).  If you do not complete the FRA at the appropriate time, not only will you not be permitted to participate in the course enrollment period, you will NOT be allowed to participate in your Study Abroad program.  The FRA must be completed online on your STAR account every semester prior to accessing your backpack for course enrollment.  Students with concerns about this policy are encouraged to contact the Bursar’s Office at (508) 793-2521 or via email at
2)  For students enrolled in programs not administered by the College of the Holy Cross, a continuation fee will be charged.
3)  All refundable housing or placement deposits are your responsibility.
4)  It is your responsibility to pay for all associated fees in obtaining passports, visas, immunizations, and host country immigration/residency fees.
5)  You may submit receipts for host university club activities (joining a university club or team).  This reimbursement is NOT for gym memberships.  Holy Cross will reimburse students up to $175 for students who study abroad for one semester and up to $200 for students who study abroad for the full year.
If you withdraw from a program for reasons other than serious illness, injury or death, and the College incurs non-refundable expenses on your behalf and is unable to recover those charges, those fees will be posted to your Holy Cross bill and you will be responsible for those charges. 
Students should be aware that withdrawing from a Study Abroad program will have academic and financial consequences.
1)  If a student withdraws from a study abroad program and if able to re-enroll at Holy Cross the same semester, the student will:
  • Forfeit their flight credit
  • Get charged for Holy Cross fees and any unrecoverable charges that the College has incurred while abroad, including, but not limited to: host institution tuition, host room/board fees, orientation fees, cultural activities.
  • Not be guaranteed classes at Holy Cross
  • Not be guaranteed on-campus housing
  • Be ineligible to go abroad the following semester
2)  If a student withdraws from a Study Abroad program and takes a leave of absence from Holy Cross, the student will:
  • Be subject to the Holy Cross Bursar’s refund policy
  • May lose a semester worth of credits
  • May be required to re-enroll at Holy Cross
  • Will lose flight credit depending on leave of absence circumstances; documentation may be required
  • Will be ineligible to go abroad the following semester

1)  You acknowledge that HCSA has provided you with various information about the Program, both verbally and through written materials, and that you have reviewed and understand such information.
2)  You understand and acknowledge that foreign travel and attending a foreign university involves risks, including but not limited to the risk of injury or illness to myself or damage to my property, risks relating to or arising out of criminal activity, transportation (including through the use of common carriers, chartered, private and/or rented passenger vehicles or other means of transport), terrorist actions, political unrest, governmental actions, negligent or intentional acts of third parties (including other students), substandard or unavailable medical care, natural disasters, fire, dangerous wildlife, disease/pandemic (including diseases uncommon in the United States), and other foreseeable and unforeseeable risks. You also understand and acknowledge that it is not possible to specifically identify every potential risk of injury, illness, or other loss. You agree to assume all risks and responsibility for your health, safety, and property while participating in the Program, including during free time before, during, or following the conclusion of the Program and while traveling to, from, or during the Program.  You further acknowledge and agree that the College is not responsible for, and cannot guarantee, your health, safety, or property while participating in the Program, including during free time before, during, or following the conclusion of the Program and while traveling to, from, or during the Program.  You understand that should you choose to extend your stay abroad beyond the scheduled Program dates, you are solely responsible for your health, safety, and property during your extended stay and for all expenses related to the same.
3)  You acknowledge that you have had the opportunity to request and/or have been given any information that you may need to determine and assess the risks associated with participating in the Program, and that you are making an informed decision to participate in the Program notwithstanding those risks. 

1)  You are responsible for completing the Medical Questionnaire within your Holy Cross study abroad application.  If you are currently being treated by, or have seen in the past two years, a medical specialist (for example, but not limited to; cardiologist, gastroenterologist, neurologist), or a mental health care provider (counselor, psychiatrist, therapist), you will need to have each of these caregivers give their conditional or unconditional approval to study abroad. Medical specialist(s) are required to fill out the "Licensed Medical Specialist Provider Health Clearance Form". Mental health care providers are required to fill out the "Licensed Mental Health Provider Clearance Form". These two forms are found on the HCSA application portal, under the Accepted Students tab, then scroll down and select Specialist Medical Forms. Your primary care physician DOES NOT need to sign a form.
2)  You acknowledge and understand that the College cannot guarantee a COVID-19-free environment while you are participating in or traveling in connection with the Program.  You understand that you must do your part to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 infection and transmission by adhering to guidelines and requirements issued by applicable national and local health authorities and by the College, including without limitation rules relating to social distancing, wearing face coverings, and restrictions on gatherings and travel.  You understand that there is a risk you may contract COVID-19 in connection with your participation in or travel related to the Program.
3)  You further understand, acknowledge and agree that COVID-19 is an extremely serious, highly contagious infectious disease which may be spread easily from person to person.  Because individuals with COVID-19 may or may not be symptomatic, such individuals may be difficult to identify and there is an inherent risk of exposure to individuals infected with COVID-19.  Any such exposure may result in personal injury, illness, permanent disability, and/or death.
4)  You understand that you must comply with all applicable COVID-19-related national and local public health regulations in your host country and must further comply with rules, protocols, and policies issued by the College and your host institution from time to time, including without limitation the College’s or host institution’s restrictions on travel and any COVID-19 testing protocols required by the host institution or local authorities.  You must stay informed of changes to any such regulations, rules, protocols, and policies, as applicable.  Any failure to comply with any such regulations, rules, protocols, and policies, may result in your immediate dismissal from the Program and/or disciplinary action by the College and/or host institution, which may include expulsion without reimbursement.
5)  You agree that if you test positive for COVID-19, experience one or more symptoms of COVID-19, or come into close contact with someone known to have symptoms of COVID-19 or who has tested positive for COVID-19, you must report the same and participate in contact tracing protocols in compliance with the rules and regulations of your host country, local authorities, and/or host institution, as applicable. 
6)  You also understand, acknowledge, and agree that the COVID-19 pandemic presents additional risk associated with living in and traveling to and from a foreign country, including without limitation: Risks relating to, and costs imposed by the host country, the locality, or other education, housing, service or product provider, including the risks that you may not be able to complete the Program due to conditions in the host country, locality, or host institution or issues with housing, food, or other service or product providers.

The College of the Holy Cross assumes that all students will abide by the policies, rules, and regulations of the College and by those of the host institution as well as by the local, regional, and federal laws of the host country. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action at Holy Cross and/or the host institution, with sanctions up to and including expulsion without reimbursement.
I have read the above and agree to abide by the terms contained herein.  


(Signed and dated electronically from student’s online Study Abroad application)