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Financial Policies

1)  All Holy Cross students, including those studying abroad, need to complete the Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA). If you do not complete the FRA at the appropriate time, not only will you not be permitted to participate in the course enrollment period, you will NOT be allowed to participate in your Study Abroad program. The FRA must be completed online on your STAR account every semester prior to accessing your backpack for course enrollment. Students with concerns about this policy are encouraged to contact the Bursar’s Office at (508) 793-2521 or via email at

2)  Students who expect a Perkins or Stafford loan, or a Pell grant must contact the Office of the Bursar and the Financial Aid Office before leaving Holy Cross. If you fail to do this, you may forfeit all aid.

3)  Students are strongly encouraged to contact the Office of the Bursar the semester before they leave to determine if they need to complete any paperwork before departure. 

4)  If you are a student attending a Holy Cross program, Holy Cross tuition, Holy Cross housing (standard room charge), and, if applicable, Holy Cross board (full or partial depending on the program), and $215 health fee per semester will be billed by Holy Cross and are to be paid to Holy Cross. If you are at Holy Cross for one semester, you will be charged the Student Activity fee; whereas, if you are abroad for the academic year, you will not be charged the fee.

5)  Students abroad on non-HC programs are billed a $500 continuation fee and $215 health fee per semester. All program costs are paid by the student directly to the host institution/provider. Holy Cross financial aid does not apply to non-HC programs.

6)  The fall semester bill is due August 1st and the spring semester bill is due January 1st.

7)  If the Bursar’s Office does not receive a “Waiver of Participation,” you will be automatically enrolled in the College’s health insurance plan and will be responsible for payment of the premium to Holy Cross. 

8)  If you withdraw from a program for reasons other than serious illness, injury or death, and the College incurs non-refundable expenses on your behalf and is unable to recover those charges, those fees will be posted to your Holy Cross bill and you will be responsible for those charges. 
Students should be aware that withdrawing from a Study Abroad program will have academic and financial consequences.

If a student withdraws from a study abroad program and if able to re-enroll at Holy Cross the same semester, the student will:
  • Forfeit their flight credit
  • Get charged for Holy Cross fees and any unrecoverable charges that the College has incurred while abroad, including, but not limited to: host institution tuition, host room/board fees, orientation fees, cultural activities.
  • Not be guaranteed classes at Holy Cross
  • Not be guaranteed on-campus housing
  • Be ineligible to go abroad the following semester
‚ÄčIf a student withdraws from a Study Abroad program and takes a leave of absence from Holy Cross, the student will:
  • Be subject to the Holy Cross Bursar’s refund policy
  • May lose a semester worth of credits
  • May be required to re-enroll at Holy Cross
  • Will lose flight credit depending on leave of absence circumstances; documentation may be required
  • Will be ineligible to go abroad the following semester 
9)  If you are awarded a scholarship from a study abroad partner university, you must report the scholarship to the Holy Cross Financial Aid Office. Financial Aid will then determine how the scholarship is applied to your Holy Cross tuition bill. 

10) Students receive a one-time travel credit (not reimbursement) on their HC tuition bill (Fall bill if studying abroad for the academic year or Fall semester, Spring bill if studying abroad for the Spring semester). The amount of the credit is a good faith estimate based on an average round trip flight from Boston to your host city and host institution. This is a one-time credit.  We do not account for travel home during the holidays or winter break. Students are responsible for booking and paying for their own flight. 

11) If you have a credit after you have paid your tuition and all your financial aid, loans, scholarships, etc. have been disbursed, the Bursar’s Office would be able to return excess funds upon completion of a Refund Request Form: 

12) Refunds will not be processed based on anticipated credits.

13) All study abroad participants are allowed to submit activity/club receipts for reimbursement;$200 maximum for students abroad a full academic year, $175 maximum for students abroad for one semester.
14) The reimbursement is for cultural and group activities that immerse you in your host community. Eligible fees for reimbursement include:
  • Fees for joining a club/society/sports team on campus
  • Fees for participating in a local cultural event or organization (upon approval from the Office of Study Abroad)
  • Gym fees
  • Sports equipment (including shoes, boots, etc.)
  • Travel reimbursement
Scan and email receipts to or mail them to:
Tammi Valeri
Budget & Billing Coordinator
Office of Study Abroad
College of the Holy Cross
One College St.
Worcester, MA 01610-2395
You may also bring your receipt(s) to Tammi in Smith Hall 214 when you return to campus.