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Application Procedure

The online application you submit in November is your application for permission to apply to one of our host institutions abroad. We will be working with you throughout the fall and into February and March to ensure that you find the best program to meet your academic, co- and extra-curricular goals. Early in the spring semester you will be notified if you have been accepted by Holy Cross to study abroad for the fall or academic year term. For the following spring abroad, you will be notified a bit later.  Upon acceptance by Study Abroad, we will notify you when it's time to begin the application to your host institution as well as other preparations for going abroad. Host institution applications vary and depending on your accepted program; you will be applying either online or submitting an offline (paper) application and we will give you application instructions for your host institution.

Don't forget to consult the Steps to Studying Abroad before beginning your application. It lists all the steps you need to take before starting the online application.

Apply online now to start your study abroad application.   

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Log in to the application system using your Holy Cross NetworkID username and password - do not use your email address. Choose the first prompt: I have a username and password.

Program Selection:  Please apply for ONE program/term only.  You have the option of selecting an alternative (backup) program if you choose to do so.
NOTE:  If you are applying for two different semester programs, (for instance, Buenos Aires in the fall and Peru in the spring), you may open two applications: one application for the fall term in Buenos Aires and another application for the spring term in Peru).