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Getting Started - Steps to Studying Abroad


STEP 1:     PASSPORT:  If you do not currently have a passport, you need to apply for one now.  Current processing times are 10-13 weeks (not including up to 2 weeks of mailing time after passport is printed).  If you are applying for a new passport, you will need to make an appointment in person at a passport processing center (typically a post office). Even if you aren’t 100% certain you're going to study abroad you need to apply NOW to put yourself in a position to go.  You must renew your passport (by mail) if it will expire before December of your senior year. Valid passport scans are due to be uploaded to your Holy Cross Study Abroad online application by Friday, 2 February 2024.   For passport information, visit

Stop by the Office of Study Abroad for our Passport Day on Wednesday, October 4, 2023 from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM in the Study Abroad conference room, Smith 215 for assistance with your application forms and to have your passport photo taken. 
Please note new date and times: was originally Tuesday, 10/4 from 9AM-4PM)
STEP 2:     ATTEND THE STUDY ABROAD BROWSING SESSION on Tuesday, 9/5/23 from 5:00 - 7:00 PM in the Beehive at the Performing Arts Center (PAC). Students who studied abroad last year (returnees) will share their experiences, photos, memorabilia, and answer any questions you may have. Learn from fellow students what the study abroad experience is all about! 

STEP 3:       

  • RESEARCH AVAILABLE PROGRAMS:  Go to and click on Program Search in the left-hand navigation column.
  • ATTEND COUNTRY-SPECIFIC INFORMATION SESSIONS scheduled throughout September and October. 
  • MAKE AN APPOINTMENT to speak with a Study Abroad Director of the program or programs that interest you.  The director’s name and contact information is located at the bottom of the brochure page for each program in the online application portal.  You can make an appointment by clicking on the Make An Advising Appointment Here tab on the left-side navigation column at  
  • INTERESTED IN A LANGUAGE IMMERSION PROGRAM?  You will need to make an appointment with a language faculty advisor and have them submit the Certification of Advising with Language Faculty (CALF) to Study Abroad before the application deadline of Sunday, 19 November 2023.  The language faculty advisor is noted with an * on this Department Chair and Study Abroad Advisor spreadsheet. 
‚ÄčSTEP 4:   MEET with a Study Abroad Ambassador.  A number of students who have returned from studying abroad last year have volunteered to be Study Abroad Ambassadors.  Get in touch with these ambassadors and take advantage of their experience! 

STEP 5:  TALK TO YOUR ACADEMIC ADVISOR BEFORE MAKING A PROGRAM CHOICE:.  Consult with your major, minor or concentration advisor and the Study Abroad Advisor in your academic department. 
STEP 6:  COMPLETE YOUR APPLICATION ESSAY.  Work with your advisor and a Study Abroad director to develop your goals and priorities for your coursework, co- and extra-curricular activities abroad.  The course choices, as well as your goals, will comprise your application essay for your first choice program.  Should you change programs, we will ask you to revise your essay based on the new program choice.
STEP 7SUBMIT YOUR ONLINE APPLICATION.  Once you have determined your program choice, visit to apply.  The Apply Now link is available on every program brochure page as well as under the Application Procedure tab on the left-side navigation column.  You are applying for ONE program only - you have the option of selecting an alternate/backup program, but please, one application only.  If you would like to apply to two different semester programs (one in the fall and one in the spring), you may open two applications, one in each term.  

Applications for 2024-2025 academic year and semester programs open Friday, 8 September 2023
and close at midnight on Sunday, 19 November 2023


Office of Study Abroad, Smith Hall 216 / (508) 793-3082 / Fax (508) 793-3676 / email:

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