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Courses Taken Abroad for Holy Cross Credit

Click on the PDF link for each program to see courses taken at these host institutions for Holy Cross credit.

Argentina - Universidad del Salvador:  Buenos Aires 2017.PDF
Australia - The School for Field Studies:  SFS Australia 2017.PDF
Australia - University of Melbourne:  Melbourne 2017.PDF
China - CET Beijing:  Beijing 2017.PDF
China - CET Shanghai:  Shanghai 2017.PDF
Costa Rica - Organization for Tropical Studies (Duke University):  OTS Costa Rica 2017.PDF
Costa Rica - The School for Field Studies (Duke University):  SFS Costa Rica 2017.PDF
El Salvador - Casa de la Solidaridad:  CASA El Salvador 2017.PDF
England - University of Leicester:  Leicester 2017.PDF
England - University of Sussex:  Sussex 2017.PDF
England - University of York:  York 2017.PDF
England - Oxford-Mansfield College:  Oxford-Mansfield 2017.PDF
England - Oxford-St Edmund Hall:  Oxford-St Edmund 2017.PDF
France - Université de Bourgogne, Dijon:  Dijon 2017.PDF
France - Université de Strasbourg:  Strasbourg 2017.PDF
Germany - Otto Friedrich Universität Bamberg:  Bamberg 2017.PDF
Greece - College Year In Athens (CYA):  Athens 2017.PDF
Indonesia -  Sanata Dharma University:  Indonesia.pdf
Ireland - University College, Cork:  Cork 2017.PDF
Ireland - National University of Ireland, Galway:  Galway 2017.PDF
Ireland - University of Dublin, Trinity College:  Trinity 2017.PDF
Ireland - University College Dublin (UCD):  UC Dublin 2017.PDF
Italy - Università di Bologna:  Bologna 2017.PDF
Italy - Università di Firenze (Florence):  Florence 2017.PDF
Italy - ICCS Rome (Duke University):  ICCS Rome 2017.PDF
Italy - JFRC Rome (Loyola University Chicago):  JFRC Rome 2017.PDF
Italy - Siena Art Institute (SART):  
Japan - Sophia University (Tokyo):  Sophia 2017.PDF
Panama - The School for Field Studies:  SFS Panama 2017.PDF
Peru - Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú:
Russia - Russian State University for the Humanities (Moscow):  Moscow 2017.PDF
Scotland - University of St Andrews:  St Andrews 2017.PDF
Spain - Universidade da Coruña:  Coruña 2017.PDF
Spain - Universidad de León:  León 2017.PDF
Spain - Universitat de Les Illes Balears, Palma de Mallorca:  Palma 2017.PDF
Sri Lanka - ISLE (Bowdoin College):  ISLE Sri Lanka 2017.PDF
South Africa - Organization for Tropical Studies (Duke University):  OTS S. Africa 2017.PDF
Tanzania - The School for Field Studies:  
Turks & Caicos - The School for Field Studies:  SFS Turks & Caicos 2017.PDF
Vietnam - Vietnam Center (Loyola University Chicago):  Loyola Vietnam 2017.PDF